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Welcome to Y Studio Online

Welcome to the Y Studio Online website. Y Studio is an online studio featuring art by Yvette Cormier and creative works by other artists in her community.  Please feel free and browse the gallery. If you are interested in a piece, please contact us at  yvette@ystudioonline.com


In Our Gallery

Photographs from Kenya

I truly loved Kenya. Kenya reminded me of a trip down south, visiting relatives I haven't seen in awhile. The people of Kenya felt like family. Everything  and everyone felt familiar to me. I noticed a lot of cultural similarities we share with the Kenyan people.  We share similarities in how we cook, the way we season food -making something delicious out of practically very little  (soul food), the responsibility of the women -how we make sacrifices for the betterment of the family and community, and that all too familiar eye contact - the unspoken language  we share when we have a mutual understanding of what's not so obvious to the people around us. These things are present in Kenya and our African American community today. I saw this connection and I tried to capture as much of it  to bring back to America for you to experience through pictures. The gallery features photographs of my Kenya experience.

Yvette Cormier

To read Yvette's bio, click here

 Jewelry from Kenya

We are happy to feature beautifully handcrafted jewelry designed by the women of Kenya in support of the Kenya Project.  All of the proceeds from the sale of this jewelry will go to the women of this village.

Artists' Spotlight

Hand knitted accessories by Rhonda Kay Cormier of RKC Creations


Photography by Ricardo Martin


Sterling Silver Jewelry

              by Yvette


The Kenya Project


The Kenya Project program, started by Yvette Cormier, provides funds to help the impoverished Kenyan women set up small businesses in their villages. This will enable them to help provide the basic necessities for their families. We are currently working with a group of women from the western Kenyan village of Muhoroni who started a jewelry making business. We have these jewelry items available  for purchase on this site. Please help support the efforts of the women of Kenya by making a Kenyan jewelry purchase.


 Yvette (center) with the women of Muhoroni, Kenya

Rose Angira is one of our new entrepreneurs from western  Kenya. We provided funds for her group to start a jewelry business venture that will  help provide jobs for a group of women in the village of  Muhoroni.

Yvette and Rose Angira



We do not offer professional framing services. If you choose to purchase a print with a frame, minor assembly will be required. The print will be matted and ready for you to simply insert the picture in the frame.

In Our Communities

Please support rescue efforts in Haiti by making  donation to a charity of your choice.



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