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Yvette Cormier, born into a family of ten children, is a self taught artist. Raised in Annapolis, Maryland, Yvette began drawing at an early age. With an attention to color and detail, she later produced works in ceramic, acrylic, oil and many other mediums. For the past twenty years, she chose to pursue a entrepreneurial career, taking a break from producing art -except for some jewelry designing and an occasional painting.

On recent trip to Kenya, Yvette decided to bring her camera in order to capture as much of the country and the life of its people as possible. The Kenya Series is a window into the life and culture of the people of Kenya. The original photographs show the beauty of the country and the hardships and resilience of its people. The making of the Kenya Series inspired Yvette to pursue her love and passion for art. This led to her decision to establish herself as an artist.

During the trip, she decided to encourage a group of impoverished women start a jewelry-making business. Yvette funds and supports the business by retailing the jewelry here in the US and sending all proceeds to Kenya. Yvette is hoping to return to Kenya soon to help the women continue to pursue their dreams for entrepreneurship.

Yvette is looking forward to opportunities to pursue her love for travel, art and philanthropy.