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The Kenya Project , founded by Yvette Cormier, provides funds to help the impoverished Kenyan women set up small businesses in their villages. This will enable them to help provide the basic necessities for their families. The fastest way to help a family is to help the mother. In Kenya, women are the backbone of the family. They are responsible for the care and upkeep of the family. We are proud to support our African sisters.


    Jewelry from Kenya


























Beaded Hoop Earring $15.00


Paper Bead Earring $15.00


Bone Hoop Earring $15.00







Paper Bead Necklace $25.00


Hematite Tiger Tooth Necklace $30


Hematite Necklace $30







Wooden Beaded Elastic Bracelet $15.00
Memory Wire Seed Bracelet $20.00
Bone Bangles $10.00






Memory Wire Hematite Bracelet
Elastic Square Bone Bracelet
Memory Wire Seed Bracelet $20.00






Elastic Hematite Bracelet


Small Bead Memory Wire Bracelet $15.00


Wooden Beaded Elastic Bracelet $20.00